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Meet our dynamic team, passionate about innovation and dedicated to delivering excellence in every project.

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Our vision transcends the boundaries of traditional resto-mods. We redefine an iconic design with cutting-edge technology and bespoke luxury refinements, creating an unmistakable future classic. Experience a modern masterpiece that surpasses restored classics in every aspect.

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Inspired by the legendary 1967 Shelby GT500, our MAGStang GT500R is a brand new vehicle built on a modified chassis. While retaining the new GT500's advanced features, our heavily modified body exudes the timeless appeal of the original. Prepare to drive the most technologically advanced classic, blending heritage with innovation.

Modern Tech

At MAG Motors, we craft a contemporary marvel by basing it on the latest Shelby GT500. Our production vehicles incorporate all the cutting-edge features and technology of the factory model, enhanced by unique custom options. The modern chassis, boasting decades of advancements, forms the foundation for an unparalleled classic driving experience.

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Miami, Florida


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